Community Spotlight: Steve Johnson

Steve is a transplant from our neighbor to the east, Missouri. He has spent the past several years in OKC and can frequently be seen in the background at NewsChannel 4 during live shots at the studio or entertaining his social media followers with the not so glamorous side of the news biz. But we personally enjoy his pictures from high above Oklahoma in Bob Moore Chopper 4.

What’s your full name?

11050140_10152790149787683_4974544693555441269_n Steve Johnson

Share the kind of work you do?

I am in charge of the day to day news operation at KFOR TV in Oklahoma City.

Did you originally set out to do what you are doing now?

From my early teens, I have been working in some way or another in video production. Seems like I found a good fit working in tv news

What is the biggest thing you’ve had to overcome to find success in what you do?

Probably self-doubt. I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

What is the risk in pursuing what you love?

If you don’t risk, you won’t have reward. Sometimes you have to step out on a limb and just see if that limb breaks or not

Tell us a few things that you need to be consistent in, to do your best work?13335801_10153423236737434_3473978544638258993_n

Attention to detail, organization, dedication, thick skin, sense of humor, a bit of a twisted sense of humor sometimes.

If you were magically given 5 more hours in your day, how would you spend it?

Spending more time with family

Who are the right people for you to surround yourself with, in order to be successful?

People who work hard, have a positive attitude and never give up even when things get tough

What is the best and worst part of your day?

Best part of the day—coming home after a day at work. Worst part of the day-when I come home to help with 6th grade math homework. I don’t like math at all.

What was the last show you binge watched on Netflix?534103_10151294303162434_2127557566_n

I have never watched anything on Netflix. I know, I am so out of touch.

Do you have a project or product you’d like to highlight today? If so, what?

I am working to hire a couple of reporters to join our team.

Tell us what you have discovered in life that you can share with those who want to do what they love.

Go for it. Don’t hold back from following what you love. If you do, you will always have a feeling of “what if” and regret.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Go to medical or law school

What books are you reading right now?10553495_501942233272718_8436280862382853072_n

Whatever book my 9 or 11 year old kids are reading for school

How long have you been a customer of OKC Garage?

Fall 2013

Where can people find you online?

I am at: twitter: @stevejkfor  |  Instagram: @stevejokc17  |  Facebook: 12565610_10153157971827434_7943609383101132049_n

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