Windshield wiper blades are among the most commonly replaced auto parts with good reason. Maintaining good visibility is crucial to safe operation of a vehicle. Wiper blades should be replaced before they fail, not after. During a severe storm is no time to discover that you can’t safely see out of your windshield. Replace wiper blades every six months to maintain good visibility and improve safety. Regular inspection of your blades – and just paying attention to how well they clear rain or snow – helps keep your vehicle safe for you, your passengers and everyone else on the road. Maintaining washer fluid levels is important, too, as is regular cleaning of interior and exterior glass. replace-wiper-blades-napa-know-how-blog-taped-damage

At first glance, this wiper blade looks okay. But upon closer examination, the wear is obvious: the blade is permanently pushed to one side and, at the end, beginning to split apart.

Wiper blades live a tough life, exposed to the heat of summer and the cold of winter. If your wiper blades are dry, brittle or torn, the elements have destroyed their usefulness. You should replace them immediately. Subtler signs of wear can be seen on the edge of the rubber blade that contacts the glass. Examine the edge for pits or tiny cracks. Check to see if the rubber feels hard or brittle. A properly-performing blade has a smooth, sharp edge and soft, flexible rubber. If your wiper blade is folded to one side, not perpendicular to the glass, it may not effectively wipe your windshield cleanly.     replace-wiper-blades-napa-know-how-blog-accufit-oe-matchI chose an AccuFit replacement wiper blade from NAPA for high quality and an exact OE design. If you drive an SUV, wagon or hatchback with a rear blade, be sure to regularly examine it, too. Be sure to top off the rear washer fluid reservoir to maintain good rearward visibility. For light use in a mild climate, a value-priced blade like the NAPA Accufit wiper may work fine for your needs. But if you frequently drive long distances or use your vehicle in rugged conditions, consider a premium blade like the NAPA Genesis line. While these blades cost a bit more, their careful designs and high-quality materials deliver the best performance. Or if you live in a place with a harsh winter climate, choose a blade designed for cold-weather applications like the NAPA Winter Defense blade.  


The new blade comes with a protective plastic cover that should be removed prior to installation. This image clearly shows the split developing at the end of the old blade.

Inspecting and replacing wiper blades is an easy DIY task. But even if you don’t do it yourself, be sure your service technician keeps your car or truck safe with properly functioning wiper blades. OKC Garage can help.  OKC Garage can choose the correct fit for your vehicle and driving conditions.        


I sprayed water from the hose to test this vehicle’s fresh, single wiper blade. The old blade caused such limited visibility in a recent storm that the driver stopped under a highway overpass to wait out the rain. The new blade wipes clean.

Have you found a wiper blade that works best for your vehicle and the conditions you drive in? Have a question about wiper blades or visibility?            

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