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We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with RepairPal!

Repair Pal is the nations largest, most comprehensive network of certified, honest and trustworthy mechanic shops in the country.
“RepairPal’s mission is to take the mystery out of auto repair. Launched in 2007, RepairPal developed a patented auto repair price estimator that educated consumers about the fair cost of auto repair. Arming consumers with knowledge of this kind was revolutionary in an industry riddled with negative stereotypes and poor consumer satisfaction.
RepairPal has since expanded their product offering to build a nationwide network of certified repair shops that strive for a better car care experience marked by transparency and trust. All RepairPal certified shops are rigorously screened for quality, tools, training, and a commitment to honor the price guidelines set by our industry-leading estimator.”

So what does this mean for you?

OKC Garage is a “RepairPal Certified Shop.” The RepairPal Certified shop program is designed to assure you and your family, that OKC Garage is a shop that you can trust. The shops that qualify for this program go through a rigorous approval process that ensures the shop will live up to its RepairPal Certified status. RepairPal reviews the experience and training of the mechanics, sophistication of the tools, quality of parts placed in your car, satisfaction levels of verified customers, the warranty offered and the prices the shops charge.  When you visit a RepairPal Certified shop, you can be sure that you are getting very high-quality work from expert technicians at a fair price.  

RepairPal Price Guarantee

Consumers are often overcharged for repairs in a few ways: by marking up part prices well above MSRP, inflating labor times for a given job above industry guidelines, and charging considerably higher labor rates than appropriate for the local market. The RepairPal Estimator leverages parts and labor data from the same sources used by the automotive industry to calculate pricing. It uses MSRP for parts, industry agreed-upon labor times and local labor rates in a standardized formula so you can be properly informed of the fair price range for a given repair.